Aunty Anne’s Pineapple Balls (with Avocado Oil)



Happy Chinese New Year folks!

Our reduced sugar Aunty Anne’s Pineapple Balls are back! They are baked fresh with Avocado oil! We are heartened that many have given their thumbs up for the melt-in-your-mouth-textures for the crust, and wholesome pineapple filling that doesn’t taste so sweet 🙂

Every bottle of All The Batter’s Aunty Anne’s Pineapple Balls is hand-baked to perfection in small batches, hence freshness guaranteed! These delightful specialty bakes are available this festive season only.

*Reduced Sugar *With Avocado Oil

Each bottle contains approximately 24 pieces.

For bulk orders and discounts, please call/whatsapp us at 8510 6313 or to enquire!

Made without any pork, lard or alcohol.