Father’s Day Matcha Avocado Chocolate (Family Set)


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Nothing’s more fitting for your world’s best Dad than our most beloved Matcha Avocado Chocolate – a flavour exclusively created for a limited time only. Designed with an executive look and feel, the Matcha Avocado Chocolate cake is layered with our special rich Avocado Chocolate cake and coated with Matcha on the outside! That’s right, the cake is also made less sweet, with our Low-GI sugar. Add a set of your Dad’s favourite Avocado treats – 3 Fresh Avocado Milk Balls, 3 Avocado Citrus Cheese Tarts and 3 Avocado Dark Chocolate Truffles, and our Baby Avocado Plushie as a surprise gift for him!

It’s something your Dad would truly enjoy!

*Butter-free *Non-Dairy *Low-GI Sugar *Vegan/GF (option available)

This 8-inch (1 kg) cake is a great size for this occasion!

Delivery or Self-Collection (Free)

Best consumed within 3 days. Made with no preservatives and less sugar.

Note: Freshly baked in a facility which handles soy, milk, eggs, tree nuts and oats.