What is Glycemic Index?

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We have been hearing a lot about combating diabetes lately, and we are committed to do our part to help everyone on this journey together!

We believe that there are ways to incorporating some of the good habits into our daily lifestyle without changing our way of life too abruptly. Whether you are currently trying to keep up with a healthier diet, or have an urgent need to go on a stringent diet, let us share with you some ways which we think might help!

Let’s learn about Glycemic Index (GI)

The Glycemic Index, or GI in short, ranks carbohydrates from a scale of 1 to 100 according to how the food will increase the blood sugar levels after eating. A higher GI will mean that the food gets digested and absorbed by your body very quickly. Similarly, foods with low GI value will cause smaller variations in your glucose and insulin level.

Major diabetes organisations, like the American Diabetes Association has advised people with Type I and II diabetes to consider using GI to manage their nutrition and diet. So, do try to consume sugars that have a low GI value!

Eat more healthy fats, natural fruits and high-fibre carbs

It’s no secret that you are what you eat! Choose to snack on healthier alternatives such as nuts or seeds, and add them to your meals for more added nutrition. Avoid unhealthy fats such as processed foods. Instead, have more unsaturated fats such as Avocados, Olive Oil, healthy nuts and seeds like Flax Seeds, and also proteins like Fish as a good source of Omega-3.

Make your meals more wholesome by selecting Brown Rice instead of White Rice, Whole Wheat pastas, and Rolled Oats. They can be very tasty as well! These ingredients help you to stay full while providing more fibres when you consume these carbs.

Stay active, always.

Apart from having a healthy diet, nothing else beats exercise! Try to keep fit by taking longer walks to reach your destination, set time aside to join regularly healthy lifestyle activities like Yoga or Zumba, or start off with something simple like taking the stairs! These will help you keep fit, fight diabetes, and also look good in that new shirt or dress!

And how else can we help? At All The Batter, we hope to provide you with a fuss free experience and not be overly worried about what you eat and drink. We have heard several of our Friends who love our cakes and dessert, but are worried about having too much in their diet. We have been working hard to constantly improve our recipes by using loads of health foods and less sugar. Now, we are happy to share that we have also made our signature cake – The Avocado Rhapsody using our organic and unrefined Low GI sugar naturally extracted from the nectar of Coco Palm flowers! As always, we sincerely handcraft our treats so that they not only look refreshingly good, but of course much healthier!

Let’s make lives better together!