Great news for all our Friends! All The Batter has launched a suite of Avocado Cakes. Think Avocado Cream Cheese, Avocado light sponge, Avocado paired with Gula Melaka, Avocado chunks, we have it all! It’s definitely Avocado everyday and everywhere! Here’s our line-up: The Avocado RhapsodyTM – Our Signature! Avocado Yogurt […]

Meet our lovely Avocado Cakes!

Hey Friends! All The Batter is so excited to share with your our new Fresh Avocado Milk Ball! We have heard you – Your love for Avocados, made into pure creamy goodness, and filled under a delicate pastry made with our own recipe. Sheer pleasure and delight to your senses! […]

Fresh Avocado Milk Ball New Launch

@AllTheBatter’s {Fruit & Nut Cake} dessert granola for breakkie. Deep wafts of honey throughout the crispy rolled outs, raisins and occasional nut attacks making for an utterly therupetic start to the gloomy #Friday morning So delicious that I choose this over the sinful curry puff sneaking me cheeky glances across […]

‘@fundamentally_flawed’ is in love with Dessert Granola!

Dessert granola, never thought I would hear that! This is a healthy, quick and filling meal, made using quality ingredients. Featuring Almond Choc Truffle ? from @allthebatter, this is good with milk ?, yoghurt or just on its own! A photo posted by Jennifer Yeo (@qiuuing) on Apr 12, 2016 […]

‘@qiuuing’ on our natural foods for everyday!

Wrapping up the weekends with this lovely find at @AlltheBatter – a cosy little dessert hut (or kiosk) located in the basement of @anchorpoint_sg || if you’re lactose intolerant like the both us then this {Avocado Dark Chocolate Shake} will be like a dream come true. Soy milk base with […]

Sihan’s review on our signature Avocado & Chocolate

Join us at our booth in MAAD @ Red Dot Design Museum this Friday, 1 April 2016! From 6pm till late, we will be bringing to you tastefully designed dessert products by All The Batter, proudly made in Singapore! Support us and other fellow local artists this coming Friday! Here’s […]

We are going MAAD~~

Granola’s not boring! Pour out a bowl of granola and gather simple ingredients like apples, bananas, chocolates, seeds and anything else in your kitchen (be as creative as possible!). Then, just let yours and your kids’ imagination run wild and free as you piece up adorable faces together 😀 Here’s […]

Have some Artsy fun with our Dessert Granola

Ever wondered how to get your kids to eat health foods and keep coming back asking for more? We’d got the solution for you! Introducing our Dessert Granola which are packed full of health foods and yet taste as addictively yummy as desserts! It’s a re-creation of desserts into granola […]

Dessert Granola! The solution to getting your kids enjoy health ...