The Avocado Rhapsody (Organic Low GI Sugar)




Medley of Avocados and everything you love! Handmade with fresh real Avocados, luscious Cream Cheese, Walnuts, Hazelnuts and other awesome natural ingredients along with 2 fluffy layers of our special Cocoa Cake made with low Glycemic Index (GI) organic and unrefined sugar derived from the nectar of flowers on the coco palm trees! This natural sugar is great for all ages, and also diabetic-friendly! Slice the cake to unveil even more Avocados within! It’s simply music to your eyes and taste buds!

*Low-GI *Buttercream-free

This 8-inch (1 kg) cake is a great size for Family celebration!

Top the cake with The Matcho Avocado, our very own handcrafted Avocado dessert that is shaped like an Avocado, using Avocados! Delight your loved ones with this amazing dessert filled with smooth Avocado Matcha snow cream in a real Avocado shell and studded with rich Avocado Dark Chocolate centre!

Delivery or Self-Collection (Free) at Anchorpoint (Opp. IKEA Alexandra) or Adelphi Park (Beside Thomson Plaza)

Best consumed within 2 days. Made with no preservatives and low GI sugar.

Note: Freshly baked in a facility which handles soy, milk, eggs, tree nuts and oats.