Corporate Order


All The Batter delivers to you and your colleague! If you’re looking for the perfect healthy gift while they’re working from home or at the office, these Avocado treats will perfect!

We handmade them with the best ingredients and pack them with full of Avocado nutrients. They are made with no pork, lard or alcohol too.

Set A (1 The Avocado Melaka drink™, 1 Avocado Milk Ball, 1 Avocado Citrus Cheese Tart) – $15
Set B (1 The Avocado Melaka drink™, 1 Box of 6 Avocado Milk Balls) – $25
Set C (1 The Avocado Melaka drink™, 1 Avocado Citrus Pie 7 Inch) – $40

Minimum 10 sets per order. You may also add on additional items to the sets. Additional discounts are available for larger orders. Delivery charges apply. 

Write to us on your order below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!