Dessert Granola! The solution to getting your kids enjoy health foods!

Ever wondered how to get your kids to eat health foods and keep coming back asking for more? We’d got the solution for you!

Introducing our Dessert Granola which are packed full of health foods and yet taste as addictively yummy as desserts! It’s a re-creation of desserts into granola flavours, such as the American all-time favourite S’mores, natural and hearty Fruit & Nut Cake and the luscious Almond Choc Truffle. We baked them fresh and sincerely without any preservatives and they are all finely made with Olive oil, Honey and Golden Flax Seeds among other wholesome ingredients.

Come by our store at Anchorpoint to grab these delicious tasting Dessert Granolas for yourself or surprise your family! Kids at home will surely love it. You may also get all 3 flavours delivered to you today!